Nanaimo Visitor Centres

British Columbia’s Visitor Centres are members of the Visitor Centres Network and are available to provide you with personalized visitor information, friendly service and professional advice. Tourism Nanaimo provides visitor information year-round to residents of Nanaimo & Region as well as visitors from all over the world by operating the Official Nanaimo Visitor Centre.

Year Round Visitor Centre:
2450 Northfield Road
(Hwy 19 at Northfield Rd Exit)
Nanaimo, BC, V9S 0B2
Phone: 250-751-1556

General Inquiries & Information:
Visitor Information Counsellors
Office: 250-751-1556

Seasonal Visitor Centre Location (May – September):
The HBC Bastion, located on Front Street
The Bastion is closed for the season and will open May 2018.

For more Nanaimo & Region Visitor Information please contact our office at 250-751-1556 or 1-800-663-7337 or email us at
Have specific traveler questions on coming to Nanaimo? Tweet us on Twitter @TourismNanaimo or message us on Facebook. We are here to answer your questions via social media as well!

Tourism Nanaimo Staff

Below is the contact information for Tourism Nanaimo staff. For additional contacts in the tourism industry, please see the 2017 Tourism Industry Contacts and 2017 Tourism Industry Functions.

Visitor Centre

2450 Northfield Road
(Hwy 19 at Northfield Rd Exit)
Nanaimo, BC, V9S 0B2
Phone: 250-751-1556

Dino Tsembelis
Visitor Services Specialist
Office: 250-751-1556

Helga Lange
Visitor Services & Volunteer Coordinator
Office: 250-751-1556

Administration Office

501 – 65 Front Street,
Nanaimo, BC, V9R 5H9
Phone: 250-740-1222

Karen Bannister
Consumer Marketing Specialist
Office: 250-740-1222

Melissa Mills
Destination Development and Industry Engagement Coordinator
Office: 250-740-1218

Hannah Grant
Social Media & Content Specialist
Office: 250-740-1229

Darsey Batchelor
Trade & Media Coordinator
Office: 250-740-1217

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